Current Events


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RiverView Cafe open Thursday - Sunday(Menu )<(Menu )

August 18th & 19th - FYC Regatta (AYC Poker Run & Opening of the cards

August 21st - Auxiliary Fun Nite

August 23rd - Auxiliary Burger Night

August 31st - September 3rd - Kelleys Island Rendezvous

September 9th - ORKA river Clean-up

September 16th - Jimbo Badger 9th Annual Perch Derby




Needed to Know

Work Hour Reports Dated 8/17/17 are posted on the MOS*


Rosters Dated 8/16/17 are posted on the MOS*


The August Board Meeting Minutes are

     posted on the MOS*


Dock Assignments Dated 7/20/17 are posted on the MOS*


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