Current Events


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RiverView Cafe Open Thursday - Saturday(Menu )


April 21st - Easter Buffet Dinner

April 27th - Jet Express to Put-in-Bay


May 1st - Satin Gavel Pasta Dinner

May 1st - Board Meetings

May 4th - ORCA Spring clean-up @ORYC

May 5th - Cinco de Mayo Party

May 7th - Auxiliary Board & Brush

May 8th - The return of BURGER NIGHT!

May 11th - Workers' Party

May 12th - Mother's Day Buffet

May 13th - Membership Meetings

May 15th - Burger Night

May 18th - Blessing of the Fleet

May 22nd - Auxiliary Burger Night

May 25th - Opening of the Port

May 26th - The return of the CHUCK WAGON GRILL!

May 26th - RVYC Deck Party

May 29th - Burger Night



Needed To Know

Rosters dated 4/13/19 are posted on the MOS


The April Board & Membership Meeting minutes are posted on the MOS*


The April River viewer has been posted.


*MOS stands for the Members Only Site./p>